We have searched extensively to offer you the highest quality products originating from the most diverse German regions. The finest Ahle sausage from Northern Hesse, the best original, organic Nuremberg sausages which are made by a small, family-run butcher in Nuremberg and outstanding Thuringian cream from Eichsfeld. We have tested well over 2000 products made by more than 400 manufacturers, using a stringent and complex organoleptic test for inspecting, evaluating and rating the products which we have select for inclusion in our distinguished assortment. The “Speisekammer” brand, which translates to “Pantry”, stands for:
  • Delicacies which stand out from comparable products based on their external appearance and organoleptic qualities.
  • Products which are typical of a particular region, usually enjoying a degree of high visibility and reputation.
  • Products which are made by traditional German factories and master artisan workshops.
  • We pride ourselves on offering foods which are most frequently made using all-natural or nearly all-naturally produced ingredients. We find that by using conservative, hand-crafted methods of manufacture and the most natural of ingredients results in the best conditions for creating the purest and most naturally tasting products.
  • The recipes and manufacturing processes used to create the products we offer have been developed over generations throughout the regions in which they were originally created.
  • The ingredients used stem predominantly from their originating regions where the products are made. Our products are free of artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.
  • Our high quality products are deserving of contemporary branding and unique, distinct design.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more than what we have presented here. We look forward to hearing from you!